We started Dog Star Walkers out of our love for all furry animals, big and small. Both of us (Patrick and Marika the founders) have had a passion for dogs all our lives.  Canines (and felines!) have been our constant companions- while growing up and as adults. 

We have been walking dogs professionally since 2009 as the owners of Dog Star Walkers, Chicago and now Dog Star Walkers, Portland. After relocating to Portland in 2011, we are so happy to call the Pacific Northwest home. We can't imagine living anywhere else! Portland OR offers so much for our furry clients- great parks to walk in, awesome hikes, and plenty of outdoor spaces that are dog friendly. As a wife and husband team, our communication is top-notch. We have a passion for providing the best care for your furry friend. 

Our Pack Members


Hello I'm Marika!

I have had a passion for animals all my life. My childhood dog, Daisy, was my constant companion. It was her love and attention that got me through the troubles and joys of growing up. After college, I adopted Biscuit, a corgi-mix, who had my heart from the moment I met him at the shelter. Having Daisy and Biscuit taught me the value and gift of having a dog- we are so lucky to have them in our lives. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College with a degree in Medieval Studies, I am also an illustrator (see the dog star walkers logo, cute huh?). In my freetime, I continue to make art and hang out with our pup Scout,  and read books with our cats, Boogie and Sugar!


Hello I'm Patrick!

A native of Florida, I now call Portland, OR home. After graduating from Columbia Chicago with a degree in film and working on several movies (The Dark Knight, Wanted, and producer of an award winning Documentary) I now enjoy spending my days walking and working with dogs. Growing up, my family had a faithful companion, a black lab mix also named Daisy, who taught me of the importance of a canine friend. Our dog, Biscuit, taught me how incredible and special a bond with your animal really is. In my free time, I am still working on movies, chasing our pup Scout around the house, and giving out some good scratches to our cats Boogie and Sugar.


Hello I'm Morgan!

I grew up in a family that included several furry members in a small town in Oregon. My family now consists of my best friend- a sweet dachshund mix named Herman, as well as a kitty, cockatiel, and axolotl (a really amazing species of salamander!) and a bearded dragon. I have a degree in organismal biology and have a passion for caring for animals, which has led me form working at the zoo to doggy daycare to dog walking. When not hanging out with my four legged friends, I like to spend my time in my garden, doing yoga, and DIY crafting. 


Hello I'm Jessica!

I grew up in Portland surrounded by dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and chickens.  Lucy, our wolf-husky hybrid, was a full-fledged member of the family; she loved chasing seagulls at the beach and sharing in family meals (my mom even taught her to nibble food off a fork!).  I continue to love hanging out with furry creatures, as well as sewing, riding my bake, baking, and watching old movies. 

Hello, I’m Maya!

I moved to Portland from Texas and am very happy to have found Dog Star Walkers! I've had a passion for animals my entire life and grew up with many pets. Dogs have the ability to always brighten my day and I love having the opportunity to care for the wonderful fur babies here! Aside from hanging out with my animal friends, I like to spend my time dancing, baking, reading, and exploring the outdoors. 


Hello, I’m Taylor!

Hi, I'm Taylor! I have been living in Portland, Or for 4 years now! Born in Birmingham, AL, I have grown up caring for animals. I currently am owned by two kitties, Persimmon and Quinn (pictured). I would love to care for my own pup but space will not permit for me to do so right now- However, that hasn't stopped me from getting my time in with my canine friends! I love caring for your furry friends and treating them as if they were my own. It is my intent to give them a special place in this world where they can be happy and free to enjoy themselves. I love getting to spend my day with out with the dogs!


Hello, I'm Nora!

I grew up in Indiana, with a sweet n sassy border collie named Socks and a grumpy Siamese cat named Tim. I’ve lived with and cared for many animals since and now happily share my home with a royal feline, Princess Magic Face, here in Portland. I’m so excited to be walking with Dog Star Walkers while I work towards my Masters in Divinity, studying Interfaith chaplaincy and spiritual leadership and activism. Taking care of your sweet pets is a joy and an honor!

We would like to take a moment to remember all our past furry family who made such a big impact on our lives. Our sweet Biscuit passed away in 2014 and we know he is happily chasing a ball over the rainbow bridge. Miss ya doodle.